Our Story

Brent and Brian Janaky have the ideal work experience, education and most of all, motivation to have founded Loyal Leaf CBD — they did it for Dad. Their father had searched the marketplace for a quality, potent CBD product. There were plenty of products available, but nowhere near the quality and potency he was looking for. He did his research. In one FDA study of CBD products’ label claims, a huge percentage of the products analyzed had too little to no CBD at all.

Left to right: Brent, Dad (Dean), Brian


So, these mirror-image twins got to work! They leveraged their backgrounds and education to produce products that are lab-tested, organic, American-made and easy to use.

“Our goal is to bring quality, potent, cannabinoid-rich CBD (cannabidiol) products to market that are affordable.” — Brent & Brian Janaky, Co-Founders, Loyal Leaf CBD, Colorado Springs

Best Motivation Ever 

Brent and Brian’s family moved from Wisconsin to Colorado Springs in 1999 where the weather was easier on their Dad, Dean. Dean has had Multiple Sclerosis for over 40 years and cannabis changed his life for the better. This discovery galvanized Brent and Brian to ensure their Dad had access to the highest quality premium ingredients and be able to afford the wellness he deserved. They founded Loyal Leaf CBD to offer USDA-organic, broad-spectrum Colorado hemp with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

A Duty to Test and Educate 

Brent and Brian are committed to test and report on the quality of their product as well as to educate consumers. Because many don’t know what they’re getting when it comes to what’s in the bottle, they make it a priority to ensure the label matches the report. Every lot is made from organic Colorado-grown hemp and is independent ISO certified lab tested. Customers can count on the reported percentage of CBD in their products as well as the cleanliness of the bottle and dropper. Loyal Leaf CBD includes an educational flyer with each order, so consumers know how the graduated dropper increments relate to CBD quantities they ingest.


Education and Medical Work Experience

You couldn’t find two people better suited to be a manufacturer and wholesaler of premium CBD products. Brent Janaky has a BS in Human Biology/Chemistry. Brian Janaky also has a BS in Human Biology. Both have an MBA. Both have worked in clinical diagnostic industries as laboratory research scientists and in FDA-regulated environments. Brent was the Director of Operations for a medical device manufacturer and Brian launched and ran a medical supplies company. They cut their teeth on regulatory compliance law in the medical industry and bring that same conscientious approach and dedication to Loyal Leaf CBD customers.

Brian and Brent Janaky believe in the industry, take responsibility for producing a high quality, tested product and understand the importance of potency and safety — for their customers and most importantly, for their Dad.

Our Mission

To create the most effective hemp-based products that support an active lifestyle so our customers can enjoy life regardless of age.

Our Philosophy

Only the best will do! We will never compromise product quality or our integrity for sales or anything else for that matter. We strive to bring the absolute highest quality hemp based cannabinoid products to people of all walks of life. We will achieve this through continuous education, transparency, research driven product development and listening to you the consumer and the medical community. We thank you for giving us a chance to earn your business and have a positive impact in your life.

-Loyal Leaf CBD Team