We get a lot of questions about CBD (cannabidiol) ranging from “Will CBD oil get me high?” to “Is CBD natural?”.  These are great questions!   We created a CBD Facts infographic to help provide some clarity into some of the common questions we get.

Here are the two key CBD facts we’d like to emphasize:

  • CBD doesn’t get you “high” like THC.  CBD is non-intoxicating, regardless of the quantity you take.
  • You cannot “overdose” on CBD.  It’s recommended that new users start with a low quantity of CBD (5mg three times per day).  You can take as much as is necessary to get the desired result.

As clinical research continues around CBD and other cannabinoids, we’ll have more CBD facts to share.  If you ever want to do your own literature research, try using Google Scholar.  It’s a free tool that makes finding clinical studies and research very simple and efficient.  Happy reading!