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Subscription (Autoship) Program - Save 10%!

The subscription (autoship) program lets you sign-up for automatic ordering and shipping of select products which saves you 10%.  This helps ensure you do not run out of product and it saves you money.  By signing up for a subscription, you’re authorizing Loyal Leaf CBD to automatically charge your credit or debit card. Upon successful payment, we will ship out your order.  It’s that easy!


Simply select the product you want to purchase then select a subscription plan.  Select “None” if you do not want a subscription plan.  Then click “Add To Cart”.  That’s it!  You just saved 10%!

How To Cancel Auto-Ship:

You can cancel at anytime.  Cancelling is the customer’s responsibility.  Please follow the instructions below to cancel your auto-ship program:

1) Log into your Loyal Leaf CBD account at the top-right of the LoyalLeafCBD.com website.

2) Click on “My Subscription” at the left of the page.

3) Click on “Cancel”.

Loyalty Program - 10% In-Store Credit

How It Works:

Loyal Leaf CBD’s loyalty program is a great way for you to save more on the products you love!  The program rewards you with 10% of the purchase price in in-store credit.  

Here’s an example: You purchase a product for $100.00 (excluding shipping and tax).  You’ll receive $10.00 in in-store credit to use on future purchases.  

  1. Sign-up for (or log into an existing) a Loyal Leaf CBD account which automatically creates your loyalty account:  https://loyalleafcbd.com/my-account/ 
  2. Once logged into your account, you’ll notice the Loyalty Rewards Program on the left when you’re in your dashboard.
  3. When you purchase products while logged into your account, you’ll automatically accumulate rewards points. You can use these points on product purchases anytime you want.
  • You only receive reward points for purchases made while logged into your account.
  • Loyalty points expire at the end of the calendar year.  We will send you an email reminder before the end of the year so you have an opportunity to use your points before they expire.    
  • We reserve the right the change the Loyalty Program at any time.  We do not reduce your loyalty points once you’ve earned them.  But remember, they expire at the end of the calendar year.